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  • 8th – 14th May 2017 is Sun Awareness Week which as a topic is close to our hearts.

    A few years ago our beautiful cousin Lauren at the age of 30 was diagnosed with malignant Melanoma which had progressed to a very serious stage 4 (the cancer had spread to other areas of  the body other than the original site). Bravely Lauren has battled through the worry, anxiety, pain and all the other negatives that come with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and whilst receiving a new form of treatment called Immunotherapy adopted an attitude to life that focuses on optimism and hope as well as a whole host of other ‘wellness’ attitudes. Amazingly Lauren has been NED (No Evidence of Disease) for 9 months, has recently returned to work as a Junior Doctor and won an award for her amazing blog! Read her blog here: www.laurencara.com

    Everything Is Going To Be Ok Motivational Print

    Inspired by our courageous cousin we wanted to do something to raise awareness of Melanoma and help spread the word about this cancer and how simply checking your moles can help catch this disease in its initial stages and stop it in its tracks. So our Molly the Mole Charity Gift collection was created! In true martha and hepsie ltd style we designed a colourful animal design that not only looks great but delivers a message to ‘check your moles’.  We contacted the British Skin Foundation to make them aware of our project and they loved Molly so much they asked us to develop a charity bracelet for them! 
    We donate up to 95% of all profits from our Molly Mole sales to the British Skin Foundation, find out more about the British Skin Foundation and all that they do here: www.britishskinfoundation.org.uk


    Molly Mole Charity Gifts

    Molly Mole Charity Print from £12, Molly Mole Charity Bracelet £2, Molly Mole Charity Notebook £5.

    As the Sun starts to peek from behind the clouds on a beautiful summers day please wear sun screen and don’t forget to ‘check your moles’ to see if there have been any changes. Until 11th May the British Skin Foundation have an online clinic open to anyone where you can ask any question on sun safety and skin cancer and receive an answer from a British Skin Foundation Dermatologist. Ask your question here: www.talkhealthpartnership.com/online_clinics/ask_expert_bsf_sun_awareness

    M&H x 


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