Baby Room Ideas

Baby Room Ideas

There are so many things to think about when you bring a little human into the world and most of us want to create the perfect baby's room as part of our nesting ritual (even though they probably won't move in for 6 months after their arrival)! Here's a few baby room ideas for you! 

Top Baby Room Homeware Essentials for you and your baby.

Apart from the obvious... a cot we think these are the top homeware items you need in your baby's room.

A chair to feed from, cuddle and sleep in!

The chair in your baby's room is for you! It needs to be comfy and supporting for when you're feeding your baby, having a cuddle and maybe sleeping in during those hours between night and morning!

If you fancy a challenge whilst you're nesting you can always try your hand at re-upholstering an old chair in one of bright fabrics (try etsy, ebay or your local facebook marketplace to find a project chair)! 

Jungle Leopard Nursing Chair     kids cushions

Chest of Drawers

A Chest of Drawers is perfect for you to store all your baby clothes and bedding in and can double up as a changing unit too, by putting a change mat with raised sides on the top (this is great for your back, however it's only safe whilst your baby can't roll and never leave your baby unattended). You can always upcycle an old Chest of Drawers by painting it and add a pop of colour and fun by lining the drawers with our luxury gift wrap!

Drawer liner paper

Nursery Storage!

You'll need storage for all manner of things from nappies and bum cream to toys and books! Our storage baskets are great to use in your baby's room, they come in 3 different sizes across all our fabric designs, perfect for adding a splash of colour to a neutral nursery!

 Nursery Storage Ideas

Nursery Lighting

You definitely don't want to be fumbling around in the dark when you're feeding or dealing with a 'poonami' at 3am in the morning so a light is essential. Our lampshades can be made for a ceiling shade or table lamp and come in 3 different sizes perfect to give your baby's room a colour splash and help you see in the middle of the night!

Kids Bedside lamp


Baby Room Themes!

There are so many idea's for baby room themes, as baby's grow so quickly and develop their own personalities, we think it's best to accessorize a room so you can change the nursery decor as they grow and discover what they like! Here are a few of our favourite themes!

Jungle Theme

The perfect theme for a baby whose parents are animal lovers or Mum is a crazy plant lady! Purify the air with amazing plants and add a colour pop with our Giraffe, Sloth and Panda prints!

Giraffe Home Decor      Jungle Baby Room Ideas     Panda Home Decor

If you fancy a Jungle themed wardrobe for your little one too, check out our collaboration with childrenswear designer Maebelle and Bo for some awesome Rhino clothes! Find out more here

Neutral Nursery Ideas

Create a calm space for your baby with a neutral or muted colour palette, add interest with textures from rugs and textiles and accessorize the room with our monochrome baby print, cushions and lampshade.

Neutral Nursery Decor     Childrens Lampshade     baby cushions

Rainbow Theme

Create a riot of colour and fun with a rainbow themed baby room! Use every colour in the rainbow to accessorize your baby's room! Our nursery animal print bundle will create budget friendly wall art to fit in with this theme.


You can shop all ideas for your baby's room here





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