Our Values

As a female-founded illustration business, we cherish the values of togetherness, authenticity, optimism, and the vibrant essence of being colourful and creative in everything we do.

martha and hepsie

We Work TogetherWe celebrate the power of togetherness as female founders, where family and supporting women are at the heart of our collaborative journey.

Design Process

We Are AuthenticWe take immense pride in our commitment to authenticity and honesty, championing British-made with a strong focus on supporting independent business, sustainability, and philanthropy at the core of our creativity.

You Are Great Card

We Are Optimistic - Optimism is at the core of our creativity, infusing everything we do with joy, hope, happiness, positivity and kindness.

Wildflower Gift Wrap

We Are Colourful and CreativeColourful creativity is at the heart of our design signature, infusing life and vibrancy into everything we create.

M & H xx