Back to school in style!

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and it's time to get the uniforms ironed and the all important school stationery all set ready for the next academic year.

I remember the pressure of picking the coolest pencil case, purchasing the right fountain pen & making sure you got a shiny new bottle of Tip Ex at the ready to correct those little typos (It's all about the erasable gel pens these days!).

There's also the healthy competition in the first few days of term of backing your text books with the coolest paper and that's where we step in!



Our wrapping paper is thick and robust enough to last without tears or rips & it's bright and colourful so your books will stand out from your class mate's. With 8 different designs, there's enough for all subjects!

Each sheet of our gift wrap measures 70cm by 50cm so depending on the size of your books, you should be able to cover 3 or 4  from one sheet, with enough left over for other little decoupage projects like wrapping your pencils. (see below).

Step 1. With the wrapping paper face down, lay your book down, open on top of the gift wrap. Leaving approximately 1 to 2cm border, cut around the book.

Step 2. Using PVA glue or a Prit Stick, add some glue to the front and back covers of your text book and place it back on top of the gift wrap, press down to ensure the covers are stuck to the paper.

Step 3. Make a little cut in the paper at the top and bottom of the book's spine.

Step 4. Neatly fold and glue the edges of the paper in so they stick to the inside of your book covers. (If the glue doesn't seem to hold the paper you can always add some fancy washi tape or cello tape over the seams to secure it).

Step 5. Close your text book and add a sticker to the front so you are able to add your name and class details.

And voila! Your text books are ready and will be the envy of your school friends :-)

 Pretty Pencils

Jazz up your plain pencils with the left over gift wrap!

This is so easy to do. Simply cut strips of wrapping paper big enough to wrap round your pencils. (if you're really organised you can even create a little cardboard template).

Glue & wrap the paper around your pencils and set aside to dry. Once dry you should be able to sharpen as usual.

There you have it, perfect pencils to match your notebooks!


Clipboard Art

Not only do you need to stay inspired at school but also at home.

It's proven that you're often more productive when you sit at a tidy and inspiring work space, so make your desk area a nice place to be. Add a desk plant and pin up pictures that inspire you.

Use our wrapping paper to add a splash of colour to your wall by making your own clip board...

All you need for this mini project is an A4 piece of sturdy card, a large binder clip and a sheet of martha and hepsie gift wrap.

Simply cut one piece of gift wrap 1-2cm larger in width and height than the A4 card and another that is slightly smaller than the card.

Cover one side of the card in glue and stick it to the back of the larger piece of paper making sure it's central so the excess is relatively even.

Fold the edges of the paper over the edges of the cardboard, cut out little squares in each corner for a neater finish and glue down to the back of the card.

Now using the smaller piece of wrapping paper that should be just ever so smaller that the A4 card, glue this to the back of the card so that it covers the seams of the larger piece of paper and creates a neat, seamless finish.

Turn your covered card over and add your binder clip.

Your clip board is now ready to use!

If you'd like to add a splash of colour to your text books and create your own clip board then you can find our gift wrap here:

For the finishing touch, you can also shop our colourful, handmade pencil cases here:

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