Make Your Own m&h Beach Bag!

Using an Ikea bag on the beach is always a favourite option but you could make yourself an m&h beach bag to stand out from the crowd!

martha and hepsie beach bag

MAKE TIME: Around 2 hours, using a domestic sewing machine.

To make your m&h beach bag you will need:

  • 1/2 metre m&h fabric (50cm x 148cm)
  • Coordinating sewing thread
  • 3 metres 38mm coordinating canvas webbing 
  • A sewing machine
  • Ironing board & iron
  • Pins
  • Ruler

Step One

Cut the 1/2 metre m&h fabric in half to create two panels measuring 50cm x 74cm.

martha and hepsie beach bag step 1

Step Two

Hem the top of each panel with a 10mm roll hem. If you haven't got a roll hem foot simply fold over 5mm and press then fold over 10mm and press and pin. Then sew a top stitch 8mm from the folded edge.

Beach Bag Top Hem 1   Beach Bag Top Hem 2

Step Three

Sew the bottom hem of the bag by pinning together the right side of the two panels and sew along the bottom long edge with a 10mm seam. Open the bag and press the seam open.

martha and hepsie beach bag bottom seam

Step Four

Join the canvas webbing together with a 'L' seam (place the two ends together at a right angle, and sew a diagonal line in the corner) to create a continuous piece. (WARNING This is tricky as it's very easy to twist it, I had to unpick a couple of times)! Then trim the excess.

Beach Bag Handle 1    beach bag handle 2

Step Five

Fold the canvas webbing loop in half and mark the mid point on both folds with a pin. Line up the mid points of the canvas loop with the bottom hem of the bag and pin 19cm in from the edge. Then pin the rest of the canvas loop to the bag panels. 

martha and hepsie beach bag handles

Step Six

Topstitch close to the edge of the canvas loop, through all the layers and all the way around on both sides. This can be a bit awkward as there is alot of fabric going through your sewing machine so go slowly and remember to increase the tension as you are sewing through a few thick layers.

martha and hepsie beach bag handles 2

Step Seven

Fold your bag in half right side to right side and sew the side hems with a 10mm seam. To make the gusset match the bottom seam with the side seam, draw a line 10cm across the corner and stitch across the line. Then trim the excess off.

Beach Bag Side Seams    Beach Bag Gusset

 Step Eight

Turn your bag out, fill with beach stuff and go find some sun, sand and surf!

Hepsie x

martha and hepsie beach bag on the beach!





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