Dear Diary...

Dear Diary


I've decided to write a weekly roundup of what we've got up to on our blog! It may be of absolutely no interest to you however being owners of a small business often working in isolation it is easy to forget what we've achieved so writing it down is a little bit like having a weekly meeting with your boss to make sure you're on track (only this will be about our work peppered with moments of our day to day life)!

You can stop reading now or if you've got a slight hint of nosey neighbour in you feel free to have a gander of what we've got up to! (I apologise for the incorrect grammar and punctuation in advance, one of the reasons I went to uni to study fashion design was so that I didn't have to write essays...)!


Martha flies back from here hols whoop! Being on my own without my business buddy on the end of the phone or whats app has been hard and I've found myself losing a few too many hours on IG. I have however discovered that listening to inspirational podcasts helps keeps your creative flames burning - I'm currently listening to Holly Tuckers Conversations of Inspiration.

I processed the weekends orders, prepped a wodge of cards and finish off the blog for our next m&h makes project.


Had a good catch up with Marth and started to list our pencil cases on Not On The High Street and new products in our Etsy store. This may not sound much but when you must write the same thing in a different way several times it can hurt your head and you end up writing absolute rubbish.

Marth finished off her hols by watching the Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield!


Marth is back on m&h fully refreshed and has a day full of new product photography and catching up with the opening schedule of Sheffield Makers second shop which we will be stocked in! 
I pick up some goodies from our seamstress, drop stock off at our warehouse and add the next 3 months of ideas for social media to our marketing calendar (a very basic excel spreadsheet)! We have quite a simple marketing strategy which we write 3 months in advance so that we're both talking about similar things on social media.

We're also shocked by the news the designer Orla Kiely is closing...


We were contacted yesterday by a customer who was confused by the dimensions of our storage baskets. After reviewing our descriptions, we realised that we needed to change things to make things clearer. We've added a diagram showing the dimensions to all our listings and fingers crossed this has sorted things. This is such a good example of how it’s easy to write something that makes sense to you as you've designed and made the product but to a customer who only has the photo to look at and your description it can be easily misinterpreted.
Marth fell out of love with her computer after losing 4 hours wrestling with her vintage mac but won in the end (I think it still thought it was on holiday) and managed to get her photo's from her camera to her hard drive.

We showed a sneak peek to our m&h family fb group of a new product we're launching next week. (You can join our m&h family fb group here

I also stalked all the Creatival posts on IG wishing I was there as it looked fab.


I decided to write this!

I'm also reading up on the changes Etsy has made and will be sending out the sample make projects to our m&h family members!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading my babble on what we've got up to this week?! Have a great weekend I'm being dragged to the fun fair by my kids and catching up with friends.

Heps xx

P.S  I just ran this through Word and it keeps wanting to change m&h to mph - I'd say we're currently running at 30mph sort of driving through suburbia on our way to the motorway of the Christmas season where we may go over the speed limit and hit 100mph.

P.P.S I haven't told Martha I'm writing this.....

Marth on her hols!    storage basket diagram    New Product Sneak Peek      


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