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Dear Diary ...12.10.18

Dear Diary 12.10.18

Dear Diary,

Where did this week go? The weather is awful and I'm writing this fighting the urge to move my laptop to my bed! But I personally find it important for there to be some distinction between work and home, so I'll stay put staring out of a rain drenched window, in my slippers with a cuppa - how glam!

A trouble shared is a trouble halved.

This Wednesday Martha 'Bared All' on local Radio Sheffield which also happened to be on World Mental Health day. She had a chat about her background, our Mum, what makes here happy & angry, memorable days, inspiration and the future. Hear her here (she's about 1hr 36min in)

Talking to 1000's of people on the radio isn't something that comes easy to Marth but she really enjoyed it and proved that stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing to do.

When you run a small business it's normal to have days where you can speak to very few people and sometimes nobody. Loneliness, imposter syndrome and anxiety seem to be more common than you may think in our creative world, so it was great to see our community supporting Mental Health across social media.

We're no mental health experts but totally stand by the saying 'A trouble shared is a trouble halved' (even if it is your sister who lives 200+ miles away).
It's ok to not be ok, so please look after yourselves xxx

Sheffield Makers

Along with all the preparation for all the Christmas Markets we are attending (find out where we will be this festive season here) We're also busy prepping for the launch of the second Sheffield Makers store! We'll be stocked in the shop alongside many other amazing Sheffield Makers and you'll find Martha in the shop a couple of Thursdays a month! Find out more about the shop opening here

Other (boring) stuff

Yes, I'm still updating our Etsy listings ...., we prepped more stock ready for the next couple of months and updated our trade catalogue. You see most of the stuff that we get up to is quite boring but essential and in no means instagramable! (However, I do think that we all should share 'real' IG to show everyone what life behind the screen is really like)!

Have a great weekend (I'm planning on a couple of duvet days)!
M&H xx

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