DIY Project Tutorials

We've returned to our roots of making!

With the world continuing to be upside down and the cost of everything sky rocketing, we've returned to our roots of making to create easy DIY projects that our customers can create. 

Christmas Stocking Presents!

Christmas Present Stocking

Use our gift wrap to create unique stocking presents! Hang them from the mantelpiece or stack them under the Christmas tree to add an extra festive wow! Here's how to...

1.  Fold your sheet of gift wrap length ways, with the printed side on the inside. Sketch around your preferred stocking shape, cut out, cutting through both layers of the paper.

2. Turn the stocking cut outs so that the pattern side is facing, keep together and sew around the sides & foot, trimming any wonky bits after you've finished. Pop your presents in the stocking and sew up the top! If you don't have a sewing machine our gift wrap can handle a hand stitch too!
Tah da, you've made a unique Christmas stocking present!


DIY Wedding Favour Crackers

Using our gift wrap, create impactful wedding favour crackers. Watch the video tutorial here

DIY Wedding Favour Crackers

DIY Desk Organiser

Get all Blue Peter and use old cereal boxes and our gift wrap to create a unique desk organiser! Watch the video tutorial here

DIY Desk organiser

DIY Gift Bags

Make cute gift bags from a sheet of wrapping paper, perfect to wrap those awkward presents with! Watch the video tutorial here

DIY Gift Bags

DIY Bookmark

Create a cute 'Thank You Teacher' gift with a sample of our fabric! Watch the video tutorial here

DIY Fabric Bookmark

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