Frugal Friday!

Frugal Friday

Our brand new Frugal Friday feature is here!
With the rollercoaster of self employment, income can be unpredictable at times so we have learnt to be more frugal over the years when times are tight.

With increasing living costs and more people feeling the squeeze than ever, we thought we’d share little hints, tips and hacks that we use day to day to help cut costs and save some pennies.

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Bathroom Money Saving Tips
Bathroom Money Saving Tips.
Stop The Squeeze!
Here's a tip for stopping the kids using half a bottle of shower gel, shampoo or conditioner in one squeeze! Use a soap dispenser!
This is a game changer, my kids would regularly squeeze out half a bottle at a time either to use as potion mixture or just because. To be honest if they're on a mission to make potions they'll empty out the soap dispenser but 95% of the time they don't and I've gone from buying a bottle of shower gel a week to one a month - saving money and plastic! Watch our video here
Food Money Saving Tips
Food Money Saving Tips.
Boil Them Bones!
Not one for the veggies but a great little recipe for after a roast chicken!
Never through the bones away before at least making a stock.
Here’s a quick and affordable recipe to make chicken Tom Yum soup after a roast dinner.
We can usually make approximately 8 portions of soup, then using the excess meat for other meals like salads or curries, our one medium chicken will have served 14 meals!
Watch our recipe here
Don't Ditch The Water!
Living in Devon means we have one of the highest water rates in the country so not only do I look to save water for the environment but I also need to keep costs down!
So when my kids come home with half drank water bottles it's not just chucked down the sink, the left over water is used to:
- water house plants
- top up the dogs water bowl!
- water the flower pots outside
Watch our video here
Gift Money Saving Tips
Gift Money Saving Tips.
Reuse Greeting Cards!
As you can probably tell, we don't like waste at m&h and we've always printed our greeting cards with tips on how to reuse a card once it's been sat on display for a while!
1) Frame your card as a mini piece of art.
2) Cut the card in half and use the front as a postcard to send to a friend.
3) Cut the front design up, punch a hole in it and use it as a gift tag.
Watch our video on how to reuse our greeting cards here.

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