Gift Wrap That Gives 2020

Gift Wrap That Gives 2020
Over the past 3 years we have established our Gift Wrap That Gives campaign as our way of giving back charities that mean alot to us.
This year has been a rollercoaster and yes we know it's October but we've finally managed to decide which charity we would like to donate 10% of our profits from gift wrap sales to!
Our Gift Wrap That Gives charity for 2020 is the NHS.
NHS charity
2020 has seen this national service be stretched to capacity and over the past 18 months we have had first hand experience of how amazing it is. Our Mum had a severe stroke in 2019 which turned our world upside down and then Covid popped along to shake us about a bit more. Fortunately our Mum has survived both her stroke and Covid-19 but this wouldn't of happened without the NHS. We've seen how so many teams of people are there to help the poorly and how much care and compassion everyone has not only for the patient but also for the relatives.
So every single present that is wrapped in martha and hepsie gift wrap will be not only making your friends and family smile but will also be helping to keep our wonderful NHS. 
Find out more about the NHS charity here
wrapping paper sheets
The question now is which martha and hepsie wrapping paper design will you use to wrap all your presents with? Browse all our designs here
Our wrapping paper is recyclable, designed by us and printed in the UK on high quality fsc paper.
Thank you for helping us support the NHS, we donated £336 through sales of our gift wrap in 2020!
Giving is good.
M&H x 

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