Giving our designs a second life!

Some of our key values are the environment and sustainability, we want to ensure that our products are kind to the environment.

 All our products are made by us or small manufacturers in the UK. We've always had our products made in the UK as supporting British manufacturing is incredibly important to us, not only with regards to helping to create jobs but the quality the UK produce is renowned across the globe. We have also recognised that having UK production is also great for the environment, our carbon footprint is greatly reduced as we don't have to ship or fly products around the world and we are able to ensure that all environmental policies our suppliers have in place are kept to, from using vegetable inks and fsc paper in our gift wrap to the traceability of the cotton used in our tea towels and fabric.

 We start with thinking about the environment at the making stage and we also want to end the process thinking about the environment too, by creating a second life for our products once they are past their best for their original job!

So, we've put together a wodge of 'second life' ideas for some of our products!

Re-use our greeting cards as:

  •  Mini wall art by popping it in a frame
  • A postcard by cutting the front off and sending it to a friend
  • A gift tag by cutting a tag from the front of the card, hole punching it and tying it to a present

Re-use our gift wrap:

  •  Save our gift wrap and re-use it to wrap another present (if it's a little crumpled just give it a quick once over with a medium iron).
  • Shred it and use it as posh animal bedding!
  • Cover schoolbooks with it.

Re-use our tea towels & aprons:

  •  Cover hair clips
  • Make mini bunting
  • Cut up and make cleaning rags

Re-use our mugs:

  •  If it's just the handle that has broken, you can upcycle it into a plant pot or a pen pot!
  • If it's smashed to pieces use it in the garden for drainage in large plant pots.

Pinterest is our 'go-to' place for upcycling ideas so if you have a m&h product that's been used so much it's past it's best or has broken over the years, please don't automatically throw it away, see if you can upcycle it and give it a second life!


M&H x

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