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I'm the Yorkshire half of m&h based in Sheffield and to celebrate Yorkshire Day I (Martha) have put together a guide to my top 5 Yorkshire places to visit for families over on our blog! Hopefully this will give you some school holiday inspiration too! (I had made a schoolgirl error in our email this morning  if you spotted it by including Chatsworth -doh, of course this is in Derbyshire not Yorkshire! Love thy neighbours n'all that.)

 whirlow hall farm

Whirlow Hall Farm, Sheffield
Now I am not shy about being a very sentimental, passionate person.
I love making memories and revisiting places that make me happy, Whirlow Hall farm is one of those places.
My husband and I got married in their lambing barn 6 years ago and it was literally one of the happiest days of my life so I love going back and we're there frequently with our little boy.
The walks around the farm are lovely with great views over Sheffield & the farm animals are always a win with our little one. The Trust also works closely with schools and children from challenging backgrounds, giving inner-city children the education and experience of the countryside, helping them to learn and grow.
It's recently finished a new renovation of the old stable which is now a lovely new cafe with a menu by Luke Rhodes (Masterchef star)  The cafe overlooks the childrens play area so you can enjoy a good coffee and some 'famous Yorkshire grub' whilst the kids play.
Wentworth Garden Centre
Wentworth Garden Centre, Rotherham

The older I get the more I love and appreciate a good garden centre.
That teamed with a place that's easy to take my little boy and you're on to a winner.
Wentworth garden centre has an amazing family farm and play area ideal for keeping the children happy and stunning gardens which are well worth a visit. The garden centre itself is vast and sells a huge variety of plants. I'd been on the hunt for a corkscrew hazel for months because it reminds me of our mum and I finally found the perfect one on my last visit.
Aston Springs Farm
Aston Springs Farm, Sheffield
I was going to talk about some pubs and restaurants I like to visit but thought I'd keep to the theme!
A friend and I started visiting Aston Springs Farm when our first borns were under 1, they have a lovely little nature trail and then a great little cafe making really good stone baked pizzas. We found it perfect for little ones as it's relatively small and not too overwhelming.
within the grounds there are a few little businesses, one of which is a little pot / ceramics studio called 'Fired Up and Painting' My friend and I now have an annual tradition with the kids of making a visit and hand painting ceramic baubles each Christmas.
Graves Park Animal Farm, Sheffield
I've been visiting Graves Park since my little one was 3 weeks old. It was my little therapy getting out and going for a walk around the vast playing fields.
The animal farm is now open without bookings and is home to a range of animals from cute little rabbits to their donkeys (my fav) and characterful alpacas.
Take a walk up through the fields and you'll stumble across a herd of beautiful highland cows or walk around the pond and feed the ducks.
There's a large playground for the kids and a well stocked cafe, perfect for grabbing an ice cream from on a hot day.
Cannon Hall Farm
Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley 
Have you heard of 5 On The Farm - well it's all about Cannon Hall Farm.
A visit to Cannon Hall Farm is a brilliant family day out, home to hundreds of animals and reptiles you really do need a day to see it all. Although open all year round, our favourite time to visit is spring when all the lambs are out.
The softplay (although I'm not generally a fan of soft plays but the kids love them) is epic, you could easily lose a few hours in there! The onsite shop and restaurant also doesn't disappoint.
I hope you enjoy visiting these great family friendly Yorkshire places!
>and if you wish to stray across the border to our neighbours in Derbyshire then Chatsworth is a must<
M x 


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