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Join the martha and hepsie family
In the words of the iconic Sister Sledge song 'We are family, I've got all my sister's with me...'
Well yes and no, Martha and I are sisters so yes we are family but we haven't got all our sisters with us (there are 3 more in our real family)!
We would love you to join our 'martha and hepsie family as more heads are better than one (I reckon if Marth and I combine our brain cells we're probably close to the equivelent of one brain after our sleep deprived uni years and now being in the parenting tribe)! Anyway we would like you guys to join us over in our m& h family group on facebook. We'd love to be able to show you idea's for new products and get your feedback before we show anyone else and let you know about secret sales and giveaways too. If you'd like to be part of our family and the future of martha and hepsie ltd, simply click on the link below to join: 
Join the martha and hepsie family
And in the meantime here is that iconic Sister Sledge tune to listen too (yes Martha and I and our other sisters can all be found dancing to this when we get together and have a few Prosecco's or 22)!
H x 

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