Make a children's apron from one of our tea towels!

We're super excited about this month's make!

Get twinning in the kitchen with the kids and make a gorgeous little children's apron from one of our colourful tea towels to match our adult aprons!

For this make, you you will need the following:

- A martha and hepsie tea towel

- Approximately 2 meters of cotton tape (suitable for waist & neck ties)

- Coloured thread to match or compliment the tea towel base colour

- Sewing machine

- Iron & ironing board

- Pins

- Tape measure / ruler

- One cute mini person to model!

Grab your tea towel and let's get started!

We want to make a mini version of our adults apron which all have edge to edge printing so we need to eliminate the white border from our tea towel.

Starting with the two lengths either side of the tea towel, we want to create new hems so you can't see any of the white fabric from the front.

1/ Place your tea towel face down and fold the edge of the fabric back on it's self twice to create a new hem, press flat with the iron.

2/ Pin the new hem in place for sewing later.

We're now going to focus on the neck area.

3/ Fold your tea towel exactly in half vertically and iron the fold.

4/ Open up your tea towel so it's face down. Now working from the central fold, measure out 4 inches either side and mark with a pin.

5/ working from the top corners, measure approx 11 inches down the two side hems and mark each measurement with a pin. (This measurement can be shortened or lengthened depending on where you would like your waist ties to sit).


6/ Using the pins that you've just placed as markers, fold the corners of the fabric back from these points to create two triangles.  Press the folds with your iron.

7/ Leaving approx 1.5cm to create a hem, cut away the excess fabric from the two triangles (see red lines on the below picture as a guide).

We now want to eliminate the white border from the top of the tea towel which will be your neck hem.

8/ After cutting away the excess fabric, open up the side folds and fold back the top hem so that you can't see any white fabric from the front. Press the new fold and secure with a few pins.

9/ Returning to the side folds that you created in step 6 & 7, fold and press the fabric you left on each side to create new hems. Be careful to only fold the excess fabric over, so  that the fold lines you created then become the new edges. pin the new hems in place  ready to sew.

10/ Using your sewing machine and a standard running stitch, sew the new  top and edge hems, leaving the bottom of the tea towel still with it's white border.

Your apron is now taking shape!

11/ Depending on the height of your child and the desired length of your apron you will then decide on where to make your bottom hem. Now is a good time to measure your apron up against your little one and mark roughly where you want the base of the apron to fall.

What ever length you decide, make sure you leave approx 1.5 cm extra fabric to fold over and create your new base hem. Mark with pins where you're going to cut and use your ruler to ensure you cut a straight line! Cut away the excess fabric.

12/ Working with the tea towel face down again, fold up from the bottom edge to create your new bottom hem. Press with the iron, pin in place and then sew to secure.

We're nearly there!

13/ Next up is to create our neck and waist ties.

Cut your cotton tape into 4 equal lengths approx 20 inches long (this measurement can obviously vary depending on how long or short you would like your ties).

Using your iron, fold over 1 edge of each length of tape twice and sew to secure the hems. (you can either use your sewing machine or hand sew these tape hems as it can be a little fiddly sewing such a small area on your machine).

14/ Working on the back of the tea towel, use two lengths of your cotton tape. Pin the raw edges of each length to either edge of your top neck hem to create your neck ties. Sew to secure.

15/ With your remaining lengths of cotton tape, pin one length of tape to each side of your tea towel for your waist ties. Position the tape in between the top of your vertical side hem and the bottom of your angled edge hem. Ensure your waist ties are level to each other before sewing in place.


And voila! You're apron is now ready for your little ones to cook up a feast with you in the kitchen!


If you would like to take on this month's make then you can shop our tea towels and matching adult aprons here .

We would absolutely LOVE to see pictures of your mini aprons and even better some pictures of you and your little ones twinning in the kitchen! Simply tag us @marthaandhepsie on Facebook or Instagram :-)

Thanks to our gorgeous models; Alice, Poppy & Ernie x


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